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The catalogue is part of the Rarely Pure, Never Simple exhibition, featuring four young photographic artists who took part in the international PARALLEL programme.
PARALLEL is a platform that brings together European organisations from the field of photography, committed to educating and promoting a new generation of European photographers and curators. It interlinks festivals and independent organizations with museums, galleries and art schools to ensure a fertile ground for fostering new dialogues, sparking fresh ideas and helping to boost creativity. Members include 18 of the most vibrant European cultural hubs from 16 different countries, covering the area from Finland to Portugal.
Over the next four years platform members will work together towards creating a recognizable exhibition platform for fresh European photography, disseminating the know-how from emergent artists/curators and developing new relations between young creators and institutions.
One of the main events in the first Parallel year 2017/18 is the photographic exhibitions of young authors and curators, hosted by the UGM Studio from 18 May to 16 June. The Rarely Pure, Never Simple exhibition engages uncertainties and ambiguities from various perspectives. The starting point of the project is to look at ordinary and familiar things with a fresh view.

Featured artists: Livia Sperandio, Philipp Meuser, Josephine Desmenez, Nita Vera
Curatorship: Maria Faarinen

Editor: Procur.arte
Design: Pedro Bacelar, Frederico Rocha
Translation & proof-reading: Esa Lehtinen, Ksenija Vidic
Print run: 700

On behalf of UGM:
Director: Breda Kolar Sluga
Senior Curator: Simona Vidmar