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Maja Megla / Conversations about visual art

Maja Megla has collected her conversations with internationally renowned foreign creators, artists and curators, which took place between 1990 and 2015 and were published on the pages of Mladina, Sobota Annexe, Emzine, Mag and Delove Kultura. They are personal views, experiences and reflections on the conundrums of the art world and the concepts of exhibition, on the creation of artworks and their inspiration, on the role of art and the (in)ability to understand it.

12 artists and 10 curators (critics) have been selected: Anton Vidokle - Boris Groys - Braco Dimitrijević - Carlos Basualdo - Charles Esche - Ekaterina Degot - Emilia and Ilya Kabakov - Herman Nitsch - Jan Fabre - Jannis Kounellis - Josef Koudelka - Kasper König - Kim Levin - Klavdij Sluban - Peter Weibel - René Block - Richard Deacon - Šelja Kamerić - Tony Cragg - Ulay - Viktor Misiano - WHW

Publishing: Maja Megla s.p.
Design: Maja Megla and Vesna Vidmar
Printing: Cicero, Begunje
Binding: softcover
Price: 18 €