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The publication, edited by Simona Vidmar, UGM curator and project leader, features texts by Dr Miško Šuvaković, art historian and critic; Dr Miklavž Komelj, art historian; Maja Ćirić, curator and art critic; Owen Hatherley, architectural historian; Nikolai Vukov, anthropologist; Romeo Kodra, cultural historian; Lana Lovrenčić and Tihana Pupovac, art historians; Adela Demetja, curator et al.

How are we to understand the monuments of the socialist era today; what can we do with them; and why do we love to hate them? Heroes We Love project has brought together museums, research institutes; NGOs, and a dance company from Central and Southeast Europe in a joint transnational project on the (still) controversial issue of monumental heritage of the socialist past, in a dedicated search for possible answers. They've worked for three years, focusing on socialist monuments and their relevance for art, culture, and identity today.

Texts: Simona Vidmar, UGM curator and the authors mentioned above
Editor-in-Chief: Simona Vidmar 
Assistants to the Editor: Jure Kirbiš, Simona Šuc
Year: 2017
Pages: 360
Design: Ajdin Bašić
Dimensions: 18 cm x 25 cm

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