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Wom@rts Catalogue
Catalogue of a travelling exhibition and legacy of a European project

The catalogue of the travelling exhibition Women, (Be)Coming, designed by UGM Director Breda Kolar Sluga, was published at the end of the major European project Wom@rts.

The exhibition is the result of three residencies involving 32 women artists from all over Europe.The starting point for the residencies was Simone de Beauvoir's text The Second Sex, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019, the year of the project's launch. The artists in residence reacted to this fundamental text of feminist theory in three media - printmaking, comics and video or photography.

The exhibition started in 2019 with two installations at the UGM Studio and continued its journey to Vilnius, Santiago de Compostela, Rijeka, Angoulême, Avilés and Limerick.

The legacy of the project is the Wom@rts network to promote European women artists. Register you too!