25 Years of Pedagogical Activity in UGM

This year we are celebrating 25 years since we introduced pedagogical activity into the gallery's program! Today, it is part of a diversified educational program that is currently running slightly differently due to limitations. The initiator of pedagogical activity in our gallery is today's director of UGM Breda Kolar Sluga. We invited the first small visitors to the gallery as part of the EKO 5 Triennial. This year we will proudly continue our work as part of the EKO 8 Triennial. Thank you!

“What a living experience with art can offer an individual, even if they is not an artist themself, is invaluable. It opens up worlds that are close to feelings, wonder, in-depth insights. This is how my school visits with students to UGM have been all these years, from the first to the last exhibition, regardless of the topics that the exhibitions addressed us with. Children's views, questions, responses and interpretations of what was seen, as well as open conversations with the curators and among the children themselves, have always been very valuable experiences that only direct and authentic contacts with art can offer. In this way, children are formed into thinking beings and this is actually the purpose of school. Some of my students are among renowned creators and artists. That is why, on the one hand, I am grateful for the opportunities offered by UGM and, on the other hand, to the parents who understand the importance of and support our visits. That way we can be real 'friends of UGM' for the whole 25 years."
- Polona Legvart, Elementary School of the Polančič Brothers Maribor

"Saturday's workshops at UGM, led by Brigita Strnad and Urša Rotman, are a wonderful opportunity for children to enter the world of fine arts in a playful way. In a short introductory part, the children get to know the exhibited works and talk about them, with Brigita and Urša encouraging them to experience the works, think independently and express their own opinion. Thus, they stimulate their natural curiosity, which is a great basis for their own creation that follows. In the workshops, children come into contact with many painting techniques and materials for artistic creation that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about. Through creating, they strengthen their imagination and creativity and gain self-confidence. Above all, they realize that the world in three dimensions is much more interesting than in just two (e.g. television)."
- Aleksandra Nuč, Rene's mother, who attends Saturday workshops

“Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in the UGM pedagogical program as a student of art pedagogy. It was then that I realized that children establish an attitude towards works of art primarily because of careful pedagogical guidance. The latter has a significant impact on whether the door to UGM will be just a door to another space or a door to an all-encompassing world of new experiences and insights."
- doc. dr. Janja Batič, Faculty of Education, UM, Department of Fine Arts

"I was convinced to participate by the professionalism and high professional qualification of the curators of pedagogues who work within the institution, especially Mrs. Brigita Strnad. I fully trust her professional judgment to present the exhibition in a way that is appropriate for the age of the children. I think it is great that children have the opportunity to get to know the gallery as an institution from an early age. In a suitable way, they get acquainted with various works of art. In creative workshops, they get acquainted with various art techniques."
- Neda Brauner, Kindergarten Ivana Glinška Maribor