Creative Saturday / Workshop for children (ages 5-9)
creative socializing in the gallery
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturdays, 28. September 2019, 12. and 19. October 2019, 9. and 23. November 2019, 7. and 14. December 2019, 11. and 25. January 2020, 8. and 22. February 2020, 7. and 21. March 2020, 11. April 2020, 10.00-11.00

mentors: Urša Rotman, pedagoge and Brigita Strnad, UGM leading educator 

Kids, mark two Saturdays every month for a creative visit to the gallery! Together we will explore artwork, discover different stories of their origin and try our hand at drawing, painting and sculpting.

At the Creative Saturday workshop children will learn about modern and contemporary art. The educational opportunity to learn about the artwork exhibited in front of them is invaluable. We discuss the artwork and listen to each other, we play and solve various tasks, which help us to observe, understand and experience an exhibition in a more significant way. Children also develop the understanding of fine arts through their own artistic creation. They develop their artistic skills through experimenting with various materials and are encouraged to express themselves freely.
In this season, we will discover black and white photography of Stojan Kebler, learn more about Slovenian scenography, explore unusual moving artwork of Meta Grgurević and more. Children will learn how to paint, photograph, sculpt, and create in a space.

single workshop fee: 3 EUR (1child) / for other children of the family 2€ per child
entire program fee (12 workshops): 30 EUR

info + application: Brigita Strnad, 02 22 94 697,