Creative Tuesday / Let's draw the language of space 
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 10:00–12:30

led by: Sara Irman Kolar in Tjaša Ornik

How do we say hello to someone who doesn't hear or understand us? At the 14th Slovenian Biennial of Illustration, we will take a peek into Aksinja Kermauner's book David: Mission Possible, which also features illustrations of sign language gestures for people with hearing impairments. We will learn some real-life signing gestures during the workshop. But what if we really are visited by aliens like David and they don't understand our gestures? Just in case, we will invent gestures to communicate with the aliens, record them by taking a photo and draw the message just in case.

price of the workshop: 5 € (price includes a snack)
mandatory prior registration: 02 22 94 697,