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Children's Week + Bites into Art, Dots and Stripes from the UGM Collection
exhibition and book for children (5+)
UGM, Strossmayerjeva 6
3–8 October 2023

Dear children, during Children's Week, we invite you and your families to visit the UGM exhibitions free of charge. In the Invisible Hand exhibition, you will be able to explore fantasy motifs, e.g. from lands created by the artist with the help of artificial intelligence, or images in which the artist has woven images of toys and cartoons from his childhood. You are especially welcome to visit the exhibition "Digging into Art, Dots and Lines" from the UGM Collection, which we have prepared especially for you. The exhibition will feature drawings, paintings and sculptures that are presented in the book of the same name, which will be presented to you at Saturday's workshop. Your parents, educators and teachers are also invited to come and see the exhibitions and attend the lecture. Have a creative Children's Week!


Bites into Art
exhibition from the UGM Collection
UGM Kabinet, Strossmayerjeva 6
3–15 October 2023, 10:00–18:00

This year, the UGM published the book Bites into Art, Dots and Stripes from the UGM Collection, by museum consultant Brigita Strnad and poet Borut Gombač. On the occasion of Children's Week, we are giving children and their adult companions the opportunity to meet directly all the works of art featured in the book.

I feel, participate, value and create
a workshop for all teachers who teach fine arts
UGM Kabinet, Strossmayerjeva 6
Friday, 6 October 2023, 16:00–18:00
led by: Primož Krašna

In the workshop, participants will actively enter the artworks through various activities, analyse them in depth through different perspectives, learn about the SEL method that develops social and emotional learning competences, explore and identify emotions in the artworks, create their own productive responses to the exhibited artworks and evaluate their own learning process. The process will be oriented towards activities adapted to be carried out in the classroom, both at primary and secondary school level. The workshop is carried out in cooperation with the Association of Art Educators Pedagogical Characters. Info and registration until 5 October 2023: brigita.strnadping@ugmpong.si or 02 22 94 697.

Saturday family workshop / Grandparents tell stories, children draw
UGM Kabinet, Strossmayerjeva 6
Saturday, 7 October 2023, 10:00
led by: Brigita Strnad, museum consultant UGM and poet Borut Gombač

Children, grandparents and children are invited to join us in a bite of art; as the Anfry Ant tells us, paintings, drawings and sculptures are most delicious in person. Under the guidance of poet Borut Gombač, grandmothers and grandfathers will write down their memories and children will draw them. The workshop is part of the nationwide campaign "Call Time, Brighten the Day". Info and registration: brigita.strnadping@ugmpong.si or 02 22 94 697.