Printmaking, drawing and other works on paper form a substantial part of the UGM collection. Like paintings, these works are dated from the beginning of the 20th century to present day and follow the main styles of history of art. The character of the collection is varied and includes works which accompany paintings or sculptures as sketches or studies as well as art works which have independently formed their own artistic expression and message. Works on paper have been created by using different classic and experimental techniques and represent an interesting study material. The collection of prints includes works by all major Slovenian artists; among those particularly interesting are Lojze Šušmelj's opus from the late 1960s, Bojan Golija's cycle of prints from the late 1950s that was inspired by Japanese prints, excellent works by the so-called Ljubljana printmaking school, works by Bogdan Borčič, leading Slovenian printmaker of the older generation, as well as works by one of the most prominent printmakers of the younger generation, Samuel Grajfoner.